Thank you so much for attending the SpendMend Trade Show in a Box. We are happy to be hosting you. 2020 was a tough year for everyone in healthcare and we missed seeing you. We thought we would bring you to the home of SpendMend which is the mitten state, Michigan. Our educational sessions will take place in all of our favorite locations.

If you follow the path to the lakeshore and Illuminate your Dark Data. You will learn what Dark Data is, where it hides, and the long-term effects of it.

The Medical Mile will take you to Downtown Grand Rapids where you can innovate your financial goals by learning how to optimize savings in many areas of your hospital.

The Cost Cycle Management path takes you the beautiful Upper Peninsula. You will visit Tahquamenon Falls and breakdown what the cost cycle is, where financial leakage occurs, and hear from industry experts about the benefits of a recovery audit.

The cost of COVID-19 path takes you to Detroit the home of Motown, professional sports, and the automobile industry. This path will breakdown how the virus infects your hospital fiscally. You will gain knowledge about industry trends and how all departments are impacted by COVID-19.

We hope you enjoy the trade show. Also, all the goodies in the box are locally sourced from our employees’ favorite spots. 

Choose Your Path or Follow Multiple Paths

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If you liked any of the local favorites in your box you can order more from our awesome vendors!

Coffee – Herman’s Boy Coffee Ranch order online here:

Maple Syrup – Hillside Farm -:

Chips – Great Lakes Potato Chips Co.: 

Editor’s Note: The maple syrup in the coffee is delicious!!

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